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Benefits of Debt Review

How Debt Breakers can rescue you from your monthly debt repayments.

Only pay what you can afford

If you cannot afford your current monthly debt repayments you cannot be forced to pay it.

Prevent blacklisting

When you are registered for debt review no creditor may blacklist you

Keep your Assets

No Creditor is allowed to reposses your home, car or assets when you are under debt review.

Legal Protection

You are protected by the National Credit Act once placed under debt review

Become debt free without borrowing

Debt Breakers will ensure that you become debt free without borrowing again.

Live a healthy life

Worrying about debt will be a thing of the past.

Debt Breakers is a registered debt counselling firm, we have been operating since 2010 and have assisted thousands of over-indebted consumers in South Africa.


Budget Advice

A comprehensive analysis is done by one of our dedicated registered Debt Counsellors.


Debt Breakers will reduce your entire monthly debt repayments into one affordable monthly payment.


We have all the resources to even reduce your credit interest outstanding to creditors


  • Contact Debt Breakers

  • Give your payslip, your ID document and all your monthly repayments to the debt counsellor. You'll also need to provide a monthly budget of other expense, such as food and petrol.

  • Our debt counsellors will work out if you are over-indebted (if your payments are simply unaffordable on your current income).

  • Our debt counsellors will crunch the numbers with you and work out how much you need to live on and what is available to repay debts. A provisional repayment plan will then be calculated for you.

  • Once you have accepted the provisional repayment plan. Our Debt Counsellor will contact your credit providers informing them of your application and retrieve the exact balances, interest and addition information from them.

  • New agreements will then be reached between our Debt Counsellor and your credit providers on your behalf. The final repayment plan will then be submitted to our Payment Distribution Agency.

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